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y'all should join my modded Minecraft server, we just got started, and it's got Create

when cats do that thing where they rest their chin on your wrist

aw shit, I dropped my monster archive that I use for my magnus podcast

i have decided to learn basic economics. i expect by the time i know what the 'law of supply and demand' is, my entire sense of morality will have been uprooted and i will think it's fine grocery stores regularly destroy unsold stock by the ton while 8 million people die from hunger every year

cow-girls are for the big mommy milkers, catgirls are the femboy twinks

this thread is bringing me immeasurable delight. i'm going to just...give you the names of some of my star wars OCs with no other context, pls feel free to use them
-Kordys Rellikar
-Yara Chee Sino
-Anvi Zikressh
-Norven Kal, aka Vrain'orve'niqkal
-Sil Vortigoss
-Jennec Yuma
-Darooma Skreesh
-'Cheapass' Kroob Krooblar

[brushes hair]
nah too straight, gotta unbrush it a little bit
[violently fluffs hair with towel]
hmmm, too messy now
[brushes hair]
nah too straight, gotta unbrush it a little bit
[repeat until the sun burns out]

Here goes:

Flib Triplet
Dong Dong Hanks
Reemo Dal Bed
Loop Cloudfalter

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