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I need to get really into making a Marioverse pdf thing before this movie comes out

the year is 2027. nerds are still in the honeymoon period with the Nintendo Cinematic Universe when Super Smash Brothers, in which the stars of the phase one films Mario (and its sequel Mario World), Zelda and DK* team up to defeat the evil Master Hand, is released to overwhelming commercial and critical success. a post credit scene reveals that Mother 3 is finally getting an English a film adaptation.

*Rumors is that the studio wanted to title the film simply "Kong" but Universal threatened trademark lotigation

the mario movie aesthetically does look very good. like it looks so good im almost mad about it

internet users in 2008: it's the fucking internet you can curse here stop censoring yourself you wimp

youtubers in 2022: if i say "piss" once in my video i will not be able to eat for a month

super mario bros trailer is just gonna be chris pratt deadpan saying "wahoo" in his own voice over a black screen, cut to title.

feeling my yearly delve into minecraft creeping up on me

my dog hurt herself and is thusly in baby jail and she hates it

bar tip: talking to someone who introduces themselves as "One Love" and tries to tell you about signs from the universe is always a bad time.

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