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y'all should join my modded Minecraft server, we just got started, and it's got Create

@starwall shiiiiit that stuff moves fast

It's rocks. Rocks are not supposed to be liquid or fast.

@starwall who doesn't love emergent story telling in 4x games. any time somebody tells you about the best game they had it was because of emergent story telling

it's really rare to be able to get close enough to literally molten rock from deep inside the Earth, let alone to attempt to fry bacon and eggs on it. legends and kings, each and every one

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I love that so many people got the chance to fuck with a volcano that close up, and I am fully jealous that I wasn't able to do so

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future civilization uncovering a fossilized metal pan and charcoalized bacon 200 million years from now: ...

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@starwall it is important to raise them well, so they do not become cruel and heartless in your absence

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