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Y'all! I've got a minecraft server running, DM me your minecraft username, and I'll get you the IP and add you to the whitelist!

@starwall for the purposes of the reduction of environmental risk the EPA says 7.4 million dollars

I just asked my google home what the value of a human life is and it said 2.6 billion dollars without any hesitation

ah, the eternal question; which came first, the minions or the rabbids

the fact that minecraft forge abbreviates itself "FML" is funny to me

ok yes the covid anthro is hot. but also, can we talk about how hot the taiwan cdc anthro himself is

Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control commissioned a series of anthro illustrations of diseases. Here's covid-19:

@starwall I know, I just wanna dunk on your meme country and it's fucked systems

there is literally no group of people i have less sympathy for than people who took out millions in loans to run a bunch of airbnbs right before a massive pandemic hit

"the euro truck people are vaccine centrists" isn't the thing i was expecting to learn today

@starwall see what's really poggers is that we have the social impact of these things along with the ecological one. you can't have a team of scientists fix shit when the economy has collapsed, there is no food, and hundreds of millions of refugees are moving about. like we're talking full on systems collapse, not just ecological collapse here

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