left and right implies balance, it implies that there's equality between these two concepts. being called "the left" itself enforces a false equivalency. it sucks.

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@starwall petition to rename the left and the right "The Goods" and "The Fuckers", respectively

@Dayglochainsaw @starwall the Goods because they deliver the goods

the Fuckers because they fuck? seems too good for them

going on another star wars hate rant again 

the original trilogy was perfect with the sith being evil - whatever you might say about the coldness of the jedi, the celebration of artificially inflated negative emotionality made the Dark Side a perfect stand-in for fascism

but all that "balance" crap muddied everything up and the morality is nearly incomprehensible by the time we get to the new trilogy

@starwall the way i think about it is there's this black hole of pain and suffering called capitalism that sucks up everything in its path and every good ideology tries to get as far away from it as possible albeit in wildly different directions

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