what I love about mastodon is just how image cultivation just isn't really a concern for people on here. we aren't brands and we just post what we want to, we're not trying to appease an algorithm after all

people just post whatever they want all the time

@starwall Twitter terrifies me because people are brands and brands are people 😅

@starwall And sometimes it's cursed bits that haunt us till the end of days

@starwall agreed. the amount of money Mountain Dew has paid me is pretty insignificant tbh

@starwall I really don't think this is correct across the userbase. There are instances (I'm not going to name names) where cultivation of a bit, or of an ingroup, is very much the primary concern.

@PetrichorSquirrel eh, what you call bits and ingroups I call friendship and fun

@whalefall I like it when people are sincere and welcoming with others. To me that is true friendship 🙂

@PetrichorSquirrel friends groups don't need to be open to all people at all times.

@starwall It really reminds me a lot of 90s internet, but without 90s edgelord shit.

This is a good thing.

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