the year is 2050, I am hold up here in my home as the nation enters the 57th lockdown as the Ligma variant ravages the world

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-being skeptical of the US government, good ✔️
-being aware of the dark aspects of the history of medicine in the United States, good ✔️
-perpetuating a global pandemic which has killed millions because you don't like being told what to do, bad ❌

its pretty tragic that a lot of people's mistrust in the state is being redirected towards utterly destructive conspiracy theories in order to line the pockets of a few con-men but you do not in fact gotta hand it to the anti-vaxxers

there's a whole subset of groups and ideologies that prey on people's distrust of authority, a distrust that only will grow as wealth inequality does for what should be obvious reasons. its basically become the foundational lie at the base of modern conservative ideology. Qanon, antivaxxers, climate change deniers, flat earthers and so on. The binding theme here is distrust of authorities.

this doesn't mean that these people are just like waiting to be leftists either. a lot of them already have their select group of parasocial relationships from which they get all of their understanding of politics and nobody can tell them otherwise. so what's to be done when half the country just lives on a different fundamental understanding of reality?

I don't really know the correct answer. reeducation seems like a good place to start, but then that kind of implies that you'll need to start by telling them they're right and then working them back down to reality, but it's just so monumental a task to undo decades of misinformation, and even if you "save" one there's always going to be more vectors of misinfo

basically: authority isn't inherently bad. However, imperialism, capitalism, and racism are, however, and often the voice of authority is representative of one or more of those other things, and people conflate the two.

worse yet, people's distrust of authority is used BY alt-media to further exploit the gullible people saturated in their false propaganda. essentially, anti-authorianism has become commodified, and is now exploiting some of the people capitalism has made insecure.

truly though I don't have the energy to extend my sympathies to liberty fetishists who have entirely missed the causes of like 90% of the world's current crises. I don't gotta hand it to 'em. I simply don't need to engage in dialogue with antivaxxers and their ilk. that is why I do not have a twitter account. if you want to spend your precious few mortal hours on this Earth arguing with people who do not even live in the same reality as the rest of us, that's your prerogative.

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