he broke the machine gun with the axe, then blinded the tank's viewing port by shattering it, again--with an AXE, and then bluffed IN GERMAN that his comrades were nearby and then called for his comrades in Russian for anti tank grenades, and then demanded the tank crew surrender 1 by 1. He then tied them all up to the barrel of the tank's gun.

after capturing the germans and their tank, he went back to cooking. his regiment found him like that

a couple weeks later he encountered about 35 germans and a tank on a scouting mission. instead of calling for reinforcements, he crawled up to the tank and chucked a grenade into its open hatch, killing its crew, then jumped onto the tank commander's gun turret and just started spraying down the field nazi soldiers who were sitting out in the field eating.

@starwall God this fucking rules hard

This reminds me of that one guy from Ceilon who decided to join WW2 with a claymore and a longbow and survived the war

@calculsoberic so far as I can tell you can do this too with just an axe and some motivation

@starwall Possibly. I have yet to be in combat, but I handle survival situations pretty well.

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