daily reminder that the phrase "carbon footprint" was created by BP in an ad campaign in order to try to shift the blame from themselves onto individual consumers and stifle any collective action against the fossil fuels industry.

like seriously even if you lived in the US and decided to grow all your own food, never drive or fly again, and the like more than 55% of your "carbon footprint" has already been made without your consent just by living in the US. Highways, the taxes you pay to the US military, and so on, that's the majority of it, and it's already bigger than the "carbon footprint" of most everybody else's on the globe.

this company would prefer you get depressed about your own insignificant impact on the environment than pay any mind at all to the true culprit. they would have you think all is doomed and that all you can do is go vegan, recycle some boxes, buy a solar panel and an electric car and a curly lightbulb and then proceed to get mad at your neighbor who hasn't done half of that. they would prefer you do anything at all besides blame them directly.

four times in this tweet they say you and your.

individual consumers of course have a role to play in the climate crisis but it's fucking peanuts compared to the slice of the pie the fossil fuel industry itself is directly responsible for, and more importantly, the actions you take as an individual will never make a significant difference on your own carbon footprint because of the infrastructure of the society you must participate in to survive! The only way to defeat this is to cut it off from the stem and root.


some people need to see this so maybe send it to them

@starwall even though recycling aluminum is actually worth doing, i couldn't return a whole bag of cans in Michigan because??? i guess they need to go to a specific store???? even though all the stores have can recycling robots??? and it's a fucking coca cola can like not something obscure??? makes me so fucking mad. they've been rattling around in my car for 3 weeks as i try to find a place to take them.

@June one time a guy got really mad about his cans not being accepted by the machine and came up to the help desk I was manning at Meijer and demanded that we take them and give him a bottle deposit and like, of course we did that, because this guy was super mad. so. I mean you could try that.

@starwall cool it was meijer and i did that and they were like "wow sucks sometimes the robot is weird" and that was that. i honestly don't get it.

@June idk I was always very lenient when I found myself on the service desk because like 1. that's what they trained us to be like and 2. meijer can damn well afford it and we all know that

@June michigan needs to get its bottle return laws in order, too many companies are just allowed to opt out of that shit for no good or coherent reason. aluminum ought to be recycled regardless of carbonation, right? alas.

@starwall i am not really sure like what the "correct" way even is? like is coke from one place only returnable at that same place? that can't be right.

@June so far as I can tell the only thru line is if its carbonated or not, and then some brands just wont work ever.

@starwall save a lot's store brand doesnt recycle and it infuriates me

i have so many of those bottles

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