Since April, Antarctica has had an incredibly cool flag. It's called the True South flag and its meant to create a greater sense of community among the researchers and workers who call the continent home for parts of the year. It is in wide use across the continent!

this is like, the perfect flag, I love the symbology as well (an icy peak, a southward compass arrow, a wide open deep blue sky)

broke: western antarctic colonial settlement
woke: international antarctic researcher's union

the first iteration of the design was crafted from scrap tents and field bags in the winter of 2018, "Antarctica is a very complex place, it's governed by an international treaty system that has 54 countries who are party to it," he said. "So I knew this flag had to be something that could have universal appeal, that wouldn't be alienating to any particular group." Evan Townsend, the flag's creator said

just waiting for the inevitable "cool, what pride flag is that?" reply

it's very cool to see a bunch of researchers from vastly different countries in a deeply complex geopolitical landscape come together and choose a symbol to represent themselves and this threatened land against encroaching climate change and expiring international agreements, it really is inspirational in exactly the way they intended it to be. this isn't "official", nobody voted for this flag, a guy in Antarctica made it from scraps of tents and then now some 3 years later it's all over.

there's lots of antarctic flags supposedly representing the territorial claims of various nations in Antarctica, but you don't actually see those flags on Antarctica. The flag you will see however? This one.

@starwall Kinda weird why they didn't put it on the pole but still pretty cool

@starwall im glad you like my taint and ass flag so much starwall 😍

@starwall mcmurdo station... thats a cool mountains of madness reference

@starwall still thinking about how the only crime recorded in Soviet Antarctica happened because two drunk guys got too passionate about chess

@starwall Bespoke: Antarctic colony of Western nations (that is, the penguins colonise North America)

@starwall It's ridiculously good.

If i saw it in a piece of media, i'd be constantly having thoughts in the back of my mind that it's too stylized and cool because "flags aren't that cool irl." It being actually REAL fucking whips.

@swiff I came across it just referenced as the flag of Antarctica on a science youtube channel that usually puts flags in front of the geologic features that the channel covers and I was like "since when has Antarctica had such a killer flag??"

@starwall My *only* complaint is that it's close to using golden ratios, but doesn't. If it were about 20% wider, the angles would be 18°, 36°, etc. -- as seen in the kite-and-dart Penrose tiling, the angles in a pentagon, and other pleasing shapes.

@starwall this does look pretty great, and I'll try to not just think about it in terms of looking like No Man's Sky

@david it does sort of look like the thing from No Man's Sky but that's a plus in my book

@starwall oh man this feels like the sort of flag you'd see in a future utopian sci-fi epic

@dheadshot previous proposed antarctic flags were just the antarctic landmass on a light blue background yes

@starwall I hope I didn't break your heart. I immediately associated it to that ugly logo.

@starwall In USA terms, "true south" makes the top of the flag look too much like a hood. :-(

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