I've been doing some work on the system generator, and dare I say it the revamp is getting close to completion. Check it out!

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I definitely need to add some more variety to the climate section, especially for really dense atmospheres. Maybe just "Desertic, Dense" might do.

right now there's no difference between a Mars style atmosphere and a Venus style atmosphere so far as this generator is concerned, so I do want to make that distinction.

Also I'm not happy with where the volcanism tag is right now. Could use some work, but I'm not quite sure what. Also, more planet types are in the tubes. I think I want to give ammonia-worlds a brown outline, and methane-worlds a purple outline.

currently I'm quite upset with were moons are at, but to get it to where I want it, I'm going to have to add some kind of accordion thing so that way the page doesn't just become a list of insignificant moons

also to do is adding a whoooole bunch of tooltips. Tooltips with little pictures and descriptions of various definitions so that way you can get the jist of a planet just from hovering over the details.

here's the thing, I almost like the original a bit better, mainly because I think it was more evocative with the planets it did generate. I want to add that evocativeness back but I also want the generator to be like, bigger, and contain more information. Hence why everything is in charts now.

a lot of this is because I haven't yet gone through and added all the little flavorful details that made exploring the first generator so fun to explore

ok, update: ice planets exist, as do CO2 ocean worlds, Methane ocean worlds, and Ammonia ocean worlds.

god, just adding those different kinds of ocean worlds and ice worlds made it soooo much more interesting, that was definitely a good thing

Yoooo I just found a system which has a lifebearing gaia class moon and 2 lifebearing gas giants!! What a find!!

alright I must be doing something right because I'm starting to have fun exploring this little generator I made

I've been absolutely rabidly working on this thing for a solid 10 hours and its finally to a point where I'm actually happy with it. Still, it needs a lot more flavor, which I can add. And formatting! I wanna make it look pretty and have all kinds of bells and whistles. Honestly its nearly done!

I like the little "NOTE" category a lot on the planets I've bothered making notes for. I'll definitely be doing this for other planet categories.

my new favorite word for this week is Selenae, meaning geologically dead worlds with no atmosphere

sometimes a solar system is just a star and that's it. that's not a bug, it's a feature

@starwall yeah! there was a generator and it generated cool stuff!

@starwall it does! and translates well to mobile lol

@starwall ohh lol that makes sense! well it is good but I'm also excited for the tool tips since i don't know what most of it is but i could definitely see myself jumping and reading random generated planet compositions for probably too long

@root see now randomly generating parts of the tooltips.. now that would be pro level.

@root the tooltips would really just be there to provide definitions. like if you hovered over the word "Hycean" I'd have a tooltip that includes a little artists rendition and a bit of text below that says "Hycean planets are large aquarias that straddle the line between superoceanic terrestrial and gas planet, featuring large, supercritical water oceans and a majority hydrogen-helium atmosphere."

@starwall that's great! because they just seem like fancy words that may possibly be generated already to me, so, it won't feel like boring learning it'll be fun randomly generated learning in a sense

@root Yeah a lot of the words in here are either made up or rigorously redefined by me for use in this generator, so it'll need lots of little tidbits like that. Plus some of the things I'm using in here are real concepts, like for instance classes I-V gas giants, those are real classifications that I'm just slapping in there nearly word for word.

@starwall when i read this i was like "wow i want to live there" and then thought of this

@starwall also when i made my joycon driver i learned the word "chirality" which more or less means "leftness or rightness"

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