context: she just kissed mario and then leapt into the window

we are about to enter the boss fight with the dragon who's weirdly into foot stuff

morgan refuses to read "amigo" when Cortez says it

@starwall anyway don't worry, the tradition continues, the sidekick in origami king is into vore

@the_gayest_goat_in_town @starwall there's a whole scene where she goes "don't you just want to go into its mouth" like it's uncomfortable actually

@starwall the internet wasn't quite so full of freaks back then. only somewhat full of freaks

@hoppet @starwall well it was full of easier to ignore freaks honestly, you didn't have to know things you didn't want to

@monorail @hoppet @starwall back in our day* the Usenet hierarchy pulled double duty as a filtering mechanism and it actually worked

*says the woman born amidst the death throes of Usenet

@starwall one of the things where you feel uneasily like someone somewhere is having a sexual awakening

@starwall cis people trying to figure out what to call a transfem nonbinary person

@starwall I love how this scene is like the 5th time they try to show off how powerfull the game cube is

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