I need to work on my Italian accent for normal reasons

@req we did eventually get a photo though because a mutual did a lot of digging through their twitter

@starwall @alienghic@octodon.social omg it's as hideous as I imagined it

@req not only is it a world map projection famous for de-emphasizing Africa and South America, it also is straight up missing massive portions of the world for no good reason. poetically liberal.

@starwall deciding whether that's an L or a stylized bird. the first one would be insanely funny as a concept

@starwall for your efforts in promoting liberalism in the world, we're giving you the L

@radicalrobit @req they just didn't include the parts of the world furthest from Europe

@starwall @req @alienghic ... I want to pull a heist to steal this, so we can ship it around the planet for different anarchists and communists to take mocking selfies with it, Amalie style.

@starwall @req @alienghic Shhhh... not here... go see our usual friend at the place, say that one meme, they have a GPG key for you

im getting the gang together... for one last job 🕵️

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