I am straight up LOOKING at this little lad

been so long since I've seen a woolly bear, I'm blessed

he is safe to touch but I don't wanna scare him, he'll roll up into a ball and be afraid

actually I don't know if they're safe to touch but I touched and held them a lot as a kid and I was never bothered by it so it's fine

@starwall i think some species have poisonous coating on the "hairs" but this kind can just cause a little irritation

@starwall I'd also been told this somewhere so I took a look around... apparently these are perfectly safe, but theres some light brown fluffier ones in the south that can cause pain/irritation/swelling similar to a bee sting or something.

@starwall to me they've always just been "default caterpillar"

@starwall When I was a kid, my little sister and I would call all these caterpillar steve. which annoyed my brother for some reason. Which made us call them Steve all the more whenever we spotted one.

*Spot a caterpillar near the barn entrance* Watch out for steve!

*find a caterpillar inside the barn* woah steve sure hurried over here!

@toydragon @starwall I like that they are all named Steve rather than Steve being, like, what they are, if that makes sense.

Like it's not "There's a Steve," it's just "There's Steve."

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