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Mama Mia! The CIA's main purpose is empire building! Yahoo! Okee dokee! :mario:

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In my heart of hearts, all I've ever wanted to be in this world is the Chess Playing Death from Seventh Seal but with cool long hair.

That is my ideal end point in life.

Pinned post is a firmly pro-Cow-Tool instance, this is my first major stand taken as an admin

@swiff do u identify as normie bc in my head ur like the nice eccentric wizard who lives in the tattered castle down the road which isnt very normcore in my imo

Ya’ll dont even know about Golem’s movement tech. My clay boy can schmooooove

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If slug were to throw a knife at me during a showdown, i would simply shorthop over it at mach 10 and slice their head off

ur telling me some people want samurai gunn 2 characters to all play the same? ur telling me this early access game already has people clammering for fox only, final destination, no items? just... play something else then

I told my sister I was eavesdropping on her conversation and she turned it off :( rude

paying attention to your cat's tail will vastly improve relations. if theyre just lying around but their tail's twitching that means theyre mad and probably dont want to be pet

with my hair as BIG as it is, particularly at its curliest, it'd sort of billow out, mane-like, if i wore it like this. Hell yeah

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yeah like this, i think i'd look pretty great wearing bandanas like this, if i do say so myself

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I think the stretchy gaiter things ive been occasionally using as quasi-headbands are actually starting to damage my hair a bit. I should look into getting some actual bandanas, something i can wear in the same general way but that won't fit so tightly/do as much damage to the hairline

Back in the ffxi days, everyone wore Subligars, battle panties, and society was truly equal

@esvrld I don't gender the finest armor. That's Eorlund Grey-Mane's honor. All I ask is the chance to prove myself.

thinking about how runescape used to have gendered armour as separate items. there existed an npc who would exchange armour of one gender for another. however, as female armour was slightly cheaper than male armour, players would purchase female armour, change it into male armour for free, then sell it at a profit

Good morning everyone, what’s going on on the timeline this fine morni- oh hell no back to bed

Samurai Gunn 2 Iceburg Why did I make this 

presented without comment, I am going to bed now

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