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Hours lost in the dark, you finally push open the cellar door and surface. Taking stock of your surroundings, you are unconvinced that your situation has improved.

Artifacts line the walls and floor, some expertly mounted, some haphazardly piled in precarious stacks. The air hums with an expectant energy, and the corners of your mind tingle as if imperceptibly gnawed on by thousands of tiny nibbling teeth.

You have entered the Wizzzard.Tower. You feel that this was a grave error.

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Mama Mia! The CIA's main purpose is empire building! Yahoo! Okee dokee! :mario:

Pinned post is a firmly pro-Cow-Tool instance, this is my first major stand taken as an admin

I really wanted and want to do stuff with friends tonight but fuckin hell I'm absolutely OUT of gas at the moment. :(

God I'm so tired.

Today wound up being a surprise long shift too, which I shoulda predicted but did not for whatever reason. So that made three double length shifts this week.

Phones nearly dead cuz it didn't charge last night for some reason. I got a little juice from my car charger, enough to send out one request for anyone of a mind to do so:

Gimme a song for me to play on my drive home that, to you, expresses Strong Weekend Energy.

Thank you

alright maybe it's time to make a more official seeming post: Fantasia of Mecha's "Alpha 3" draft is now complete!

i'll post the draft followers only and then local only in the replies to this. if you aren't either of those: better luck next time.

im not going gback to dota. yuou cant fuckin make me

re: shop talk 

@ratwithscarf female player character survival rate goes down

shop talk 

in the future there will be threats added to fantasia of mecha inspired by the classic anime "victory gundam." thank u victory gundam

God damnit,

I'm probably gonna wind up playing dota with folks on here, eventually, like

that actually sounds fun

what fuckin' year is it

victory gundam 

i've finished part one! 26 episodes down, 25 to go! time for Rat Thought Scramble:

-chompy funnel. chompy funnel. om nom nom nom

-I am starting to feel the burnout energy of victory gundam in that a lot of these mech designs are just eh. there's a lot of them that are okay, i like the zolo and shokew and zoloat, but i am also feeling this vicious bubbling toyetic energy where some of these designs feel kind of tired and like someone went "fuck you, here's a shitty looking spider, kids will love it"

-the fucking shrike team. when they're not being weird and horny to uso, they are getting no characterization and then dying "tragically." and the next episode preview let me know we're about to drop to one member! christ, tomino

-i wish the protagonists had a more interesting hook. uso's boring, the shrike team are dead meat, the other adults are just There, and the kids are fun, but we keep spending time with the adults and not getting anything interesting for them

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victory gundam 

damn it would really help victory gundam if they would do more than an episode's worth of characterization before they unceremoniously killed off another member of the shrike team

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victory gundam 


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