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I'm Adam, or Swiff, either one works!

I've been on and off the fedi for about four(?) years now, first on the big, then on, then, then (which is where my alt still is!) and now finally here in my very own tower! Never had a giant social media presence, and I don't see that changing if I can help it.

I'm a huge dork, and in spite of it all I learn a lot by being on here, following who I do

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I've got nothing I feel like saying about the meta, please don't ask.

Pinned toot is a firmly pro-Cow-Tool instance, this is my first major stand taken as an admin

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The doors of this Wizard's tower will remain closed. Trust me, it's for your protection as much as it is mine.

here's to laughing hard enough that you can't click the thing you were trying to click on because your laughter is physically moving your mouse hand

streaming more TALES OF BERSERIA right now! in tonight's episode: the gang commits a new crime. laphicet feels his first emotion (sadness). velvet catches gay feelings.

Selfie taken by someone else (??), No EC 

Hee hoo I had a good hair day today

please stop watching the debate i'm gonna stream tales of berseria in an hour and twenty minutes

@whiskers hate it when i buy a coca-cola from a public vending machine and their lawyers kill me on sight for drinking it in public

i think something EYE really nails is that wacky silly shit can coexist alongside really profound ideas

Reminder that one of EYES guns comes with the settings "full auto" and "fuller auto" in case you haven't realized it's a masterpiece yet

When @galaxgal and I played through the entirety of EYE together, and I was playing a mage build, she was kind enough to go back through one of the routes a second time just so I could melt people with my brain and honestly that's true friendship

Imagine being trapped in your cycles of guilt

This post made by meta-streumonic force gang

I see we were all E.Y.E. posting while I was on lunch. Please play E.Y.E.

none of the things that you suspect will make you interesting actually do. drugs dont. liking cool movies doesnt. getting a nerd in a headlock doesnt. the only thing that makes you interesting is 'doing jigsaw puzzle'.

hate it when my wife turns into a multidimensional being trying to kill me with guns

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