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I'm Adam, or Swiff, either one works!

I've been on and off the fedi for about four(?) years now, first on the big, then on, then, then (which is where my alt still is!) and now finally here in my very own tower! Never had a giant social media presence, and I don't see that changing if I can help it.

I'm a huge dork, and in spite of it all I learn a lot by being on here, following who I do

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Mama Mia! The CIA's main purpose is empire building! Yahoo! Okee dokee! :mario:

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In my heart of hearts, all I've ever wanted to be in this world is the Chess Playing Death from Seventh Seal but with cool long hair.

That is my ideal end point in life.

Pinned toot is a firmly pro-Cow-Tool instance, this is my first major stand taken as an admin

@swiff @ItsMorgan @mxbluesky i want to drop a rock on his head from a great height, like how an eagle killed romulus by dropping a turtle on him, but without hurting a turtle

I want bigger boobs. Give me bigger boobs.

*definitely played Dragon Age voice* my favourite part of Dragon Age is when the main character says "What's with all these dragons these days? It's like we're in some kind of dragon age."

Anyway my only good take on Dragon Age: Inquisition is that Scout Harding is The Best, end of statement.

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