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Hours lost in the dark, you finally push open the cellar door and surface. Taking stock of your surroundings, you are unconvinced that your situation has improved.

Artifacts line the walls and floor, some expertly mounted, some haphazardly piled in precarious stacks. The air hums with an expectant energy, and the corners of your mind tingle as if imperceptibly gnawed on by thousands of tiny nibbling teeth.

You have entered the Wizzzard.Tower. You feel that this was a grave error.

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Mama Mia! The CIA's main purpose is empire building! Yahoo! Okee dokee! :mario:

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In my heart of hearts, all I've ever wanted to be in this world is the Chess Playing Death from Seventh Seal but with cool long hair.

That is my ideal end point in life.

Pinned post is a firmly pro-Cow-Tool instance, this is my first major stand taken as an admin

you can espouse a belief. you can also be married to a belief. but it is always possible to annul these marriages, as it is not possible to fuck a belief

A while ago @galaxgal opened a group voice call with "Good evening, Delicious Gamers" and it hasn't left my brain since

i must not feaw
feaw is the mind-kiwwer
feaw is the wittle-death that bwings totaw obwitewation

Lagomorph? No, my internet speed is pretty good, i get low ping.

@starwall mmmm im sorry starwall but if u play a capitalist in stellaris you're betraying the revolution. that's just how it works

look not all communists roleplay as communist nations in paradox interactive games. we also sometimes play as other kinds of nations.

@swiff cyndaquil and sandshrew are also "mouse pokémon"

*me, manic, frenzy-eyed*

True though that may be, that is NOT what is being litigated here!

*I slam my desk and knock over a coffee mug, which shatters in a metaphor for my mental state. This legal case has taken its toll on me.*

The crux of my argument hinges on Raticate, who has nearly the same body shape of Pikachu, but actually has distinctive traits of rodents that Pikachu lacks entirely.

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Pikachu is not a goddamn mouse, and i don't care what the games tell me. It's some kind of small bear or marsupial perhaps, possibly a raccoon of some type, but it is Extremely Not a Mouse

doing 3 loops around the taco bell drive thru just to cheat their system and bring their times down, in return they give me a bunch of free shit

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