Feel like complete shit just want her back

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Explaining the joke 

(that’s actually the secret plot of the game)

@swiff The store page for this game on steam is bizzare to say the list

So anyway I actually bought this the other day cause it was cheap

@TheAmazingM it is a bizarre little game that is as deep as you want to engage with it, and if you just want a wacky little source engine shooter with guns that feel like the Hand of God reaching down to fuck dudes up, it’ll do that just fine.

@TheAmazingM the easiest way for me to sell the power scaling of the game is this:

The starting sniper rifle pierces walls at any range

The starting SMG has two fire modes: full auto and fuller auto

The starting heavy armor makes you nearly immune to non explosive damage

@swiff I mean all I've done so far is the tutorial with like a shotgun, I opened the menu after some guy told me about the augments and research and then closed it lol

@swiff getting a group together to play eye would rule

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