I'm sorry, what the fuck do you *mean* this Oblivion mod had the personal public endorsement of Terry Pratchett

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*What do you MEAN Terry Pratchett played enough Oblivion to have an opinion on a party member mod*

***W h a t do you mean he helped write part of it***

Terry Pratchett was Elder Scrolls Pilled

ok yeah, this looks

genuinely good. I'm gonna have to experience this one myself

@a_lizard There's a mod that adds an alchemist companion named Vilja. She is apparently lauded as one of the best written npcs in a videogame, fan content or otherwise, and Terry Pratchett *apparently* was a public and avowed fan of it who worked with the mod author to write parts of its dialogue

@swiff @a_lizard He worked with the mod author for years on dialogue and to add new features and such, she was indispensable for him as his dementia progressed and he would sometimes get lost in the middle of dungeons

I read a fantastic article about it once, I'll see if I can find it for y'all, it's a really sweet story

@witchfynder_finder holy shit i knew none of this, that's genuinely incredible

@swiff I believe this is the article I read, there's a lot of quotes from the mod creator. PTerry was in contact with her for a WHILE before she even knew who he was, he was just a fan of her work

@swiff At least one of his last few novels would not have happened without this mod, it's wild

@witchfynder_finder [ "He described how he had been exploring goblin caves with Vilja, and how he wished that he could study the goblins without having to kill them," Emma said. "The day after, I made him a 'goblin peace amulet' to make the goblins non-hostile and allow him to explore their dungeons without having to kill anyone." As it turns out, the reason Pratchett was fascinated with goblins in the first place was due to research he was conducting for his 2011 novel, Snuff. ]

@witchfynder_finder @swiff I have no comment genuinely, this is like the best shit I've heard all week

@swiff @a_lizard yeah! terry was a huge fan of oblivion and game modding! He also wrote stuff that got put into a skyrim mod too!

@swiff the mod had a lead the way function to help him with his memory.... ;_;

@kate @swiff the only reason I want to give Oblivion an earnest try is this

@swiff where's pratchett's famous quote about how doom revolutionized exorcism by introducing a shotgun

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