do you have to be a demon or deity of some kind to forge a contract and turn mortals into Magical Girls?

Could a sufficient level of wizard do so?


thoughts for later.


sign here muy lord and become a magical girl

@req you get magic powers and when you die i use your ghost to enchant a sword or something of similar utilitarian purpose

@req one of your senses will be preserved when your ghost is in the sword but it's a dice roll on which one you get, so if you're lucky and can see, nice

@swiff hmm, with my luck I totally won't end up in a sword, it's more likely you'll put me in a kitchen mixer or a toilet brush. Miss me with that shit!

@req @swiff you're not gonna be missing a lot of shit when you're a toilet brush

@swiff @ItsMorgan get in the sword, morgan, or req will have to do it again

@swiff i posted about magical girls and my titanic clout makes the timeline move with me

@swiff i've only just now seen this post and i'm going to sign in blood thanks in advance

@goat magical girl outfit transformation sequence, heavily customizable, no additional magic powers.

and when you die i put your ghost in a sword

@goat @swiff i would but if i became your magical mentor i would end up beheaded or with some other sort of grisly magical fate

@ItsMorgan @goat *sounds of excited sword rattling from the other room*

@swiff @goat ah, my mistake... by initially rejecting the role of mentor, i have merely assured my fate... whoa all of you are becomeing magical girls without getting ur soul stolen? holy fuck

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