Pikachu is not a goddamn mouse, and i don't care what the games tell me. It's some kind of small bear or marsupial perhaps, possibly a raccoon of some type, but it is Extremely Not a Mouse

The crux of my argument hinges on Raticate, who has nearly the same body shape of Pikachu, but actually has distinctive traits of rodents that Pikachu lacks entirely.

*me, manic, frenzy-eyed*

True though that may be, that is NOT what is being litigated here!

*I slam my desk and knock over a coffee mug, which shatters in a metaphor for my mental state. This legal case has taken its toll on me.*

@swiff alternative theory:

pikachu is still in rodentia, just in , which is why pikachu looks so radically different from a rat-like pokemon

still technically in rodentia but hella far away from a mouse. much closer evolutionary to chinchillas and viscachas

@swiff if pikachu wants to be a mouse i say let her

@swiff Pikachu is practically a koala. Pikachus are definitely marsupials 🙂

@swiff cyndaquil and sandshrew are also "mouse pokémon"

*My beverage glass immediately shatters in my grip as i hear you say those words*

@InternetEh @behold3r @georgespolitzer Ultimately, the question of what pikachu is is of lesser importance to me than emphatically arguing that it is not-- as Nintendo would have us believe-- an electric rodent of any kind an important question that needs to be answered though is do pikachus eat their own poop

because that is one of the defining characteristics of lagomorphs

@rain @georgespolitzer @swiff @InternetEh @behold3r I mean, it's never shown in the anime

but of course they do, pikachus give off that "eating their own poop" kind of energy

@behold3r @swiff cyndaquil is clearly some kind of marsupial, though. or maybe a monotreme like an echidna or platypus or something

@swiff Of course Pikachu isn't a mouse. The Pokedex clearly states that it is a tiny mouse

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