There is no human alive or dead whose thoughts I want to know more than Yuri Gagarin's on that first break from the atmosphere.

I don't mean the words he spoke to control, and i don't mean anything he may have written or talked about in retrospective. I want to be in the man's head at the moment blue gave way to black.

There's never going to be another human being who will ever experience that. We'll never have anyone who will experience anything *close* to that again.

When you're the first human in space, you aren't on a spaceship, you're just on a rocket that is *hypothetically* a spaceship.

There are only models telling you that this will work. Rockets have made it here, unmanned hunks of metal, but not a person.

Only you. Hurtling skyward at impossible velocity because your nation and the world believe you can get there.

And then you *do*. You break out of the atmosphere and earth is behind you, beneath you. The sum totality of all human experience *EVER* is, metaphorically, in your rearview.

And you're the only human alive-- the only human who has EVER lived-- who has that perspective on it.

And, until you open your mouth and speak to control, for those fleeting moments of silence before you reestablish communication, you have only your own thoughts and experiences to help you parse what that feels like.

We're so, so small. Infinitesimal.

And you get to see the measuring stick, Colonel Gagarin.

@swiff Heck not even that, you get to see a section of the measuring stick and you aint even seeing 1/3rd of it

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