Between the characters of @FirstProgenitor , @Aleums , and myself, this d&d party is going to be 60% undead, a full 3 out of 5 members

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@velexiraptor @Aleums @FirstProgenitor I'll let Sam explain their deal, but in my case I'm playing as the not-fully-alive not-fully-dead echoes of a whole company of soldiers killed by/in an Extremely Haunted forest.

Haunted land tends to only get more haunted over time, and they got turned into the spooky guards of the forest until it was destroyed. Now the coalesced vestiges of the battalion, the Lion Company, has condensed into a mere handful-- depicted by the Echo Knight fighter subclass

@swiff @velexiraptor @FirstProgenitor as for me, think warforged but made of bones. NOT a skeleton. Not a skeleton

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