decking my nioh character out like a kabuki performer was absolutely the right decision, this shit legitimately rules

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@EmptyLullaby i am sorry to say, fists didnt ultimately make the cut for me.

they're a lot of fun dont get me wrong and ill probably fuck with them again, but for now i am an odachi main through and through

@swiff cant say im surprised, im fucked up i switched my second weapon from odachi to sword

@EmptyLullaby i enjoy sword because it's versatile.

I really enjoy odachi because it's exactly as versatile as sword except everything hits like a freight train

@swiff @EmptyLullaby odachi is so good i love to have a sword thats twice my size

@ItsMorgan @EmptyLullaby i tend to prefer some amount of reasonable scale on my weaponry, but odachi has the benefit of being
A) a real thing
B) Very very long, but not that much broader than a regular sword, so my brain accepts it as something that can be whipped around with purpose

@swiff I know it's kabuki makeup but it's giving me SERIOUS black metal corpse paint vibes

@swiff The third one especially just feels like inset art for an album

He's the drummer

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