This image I made is only comprehensible to the four people (counting myself) currently in call for Blades in the Dark, and I will steadfastly refuse to provide the rest of you nerds with ANY context past the image caption.

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@byttyrs no the linework is a little misleading but that's his inner ear

@byttyrs but i want you to know i'm furiously scribbling that down as an idea for something in the future

@byttyrs one of my characters, Wolkir Karstus, a veteran fighter, factory foreman, working class hero, and rat cultist

@byttyrs it wasn't deliberate but in retrospect he absolutely is

@swiff I almost called him a "sexy rat man" when I asked who he was

@swiff then I realized that, despite having rat man energy, he doesn't really have rat face

@byttyrs that is the goal!

lemme find the full body lineart that I colorized for my reference image

@byttyrs Wolkir "Gryzun" Karstus, Renowned Rough-Lad, Adherent to the Rat, Son of Skovlan, and the muscle-half of the infamous "Karstus Twins."

@swiff this is every plan a pc with brawn and access to explosives has ever come up with

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