D&D Magic Item 1/2 

Clock of Brutal Repetition

*Wondrous Item, Very Rare (Requires Attunement*

The Clock of Brutal Repetition appears to be a fine crystal hourglass suspended in an amulet-sized spherical nexus of brass gears, turning and resetting the small hourglass every six seconds. You may activate the clock as a bonus action to "record" a single attack action rolled normally. Whether the attack misses or hits, the Clock's charge is spent regardless and can be reused after a long rest.

D&D Magic Item 2/2 

On a successful hit, the user may attempt an identical bonus attack roll, which in turn can generate further attacks of its own. The Repetition may be voluntarily stopped at any time, but a missed attack at any point immediately ends the combo and deals 1d6 force damage per successful combo attack to the user as the timeline violently reasserts itself. (I.e. four successful hits followed by one miss would deal 4d6 recoil damage)

The number balance is probably way off but who cares it's just D&D

The existence of this item, magically enchanted by Wizards for use by Fighters, is a clear sign of the terrifying potential power behind True Nerd-Jock Solidarity

@swiff turn your local neighbourhood crit-fishing great weaponmaster into a fucking unholy menace to combat encounters everywhere

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