Do you think Mister Chief is straight edge

What if John Halo smoked a big double size blunt during the post credit scene of halo 3 would that be fucked up or wgat

Cortana: Chef you have to smoke this doink
Master chief: no Cortana ive left that life behind me
Cortana: but if you don't the covenant wins
Mister chif: dammmnb... I guess Master Keef is coming out of retirement for one last job...


@swiff master chief's suit may not jack him off but it does hotbox his helmet for him


@hoppet @swiff I has tiny windshield wipers on the inside in case it fogs up

re: weed 

@swiff @TheAmazingM cortana was his trip sitter his first time

@georgespolitzer drafting a mass email to every active straight edge club or organization asking about the gray area of a suit jacking one off rather than doing it oneself

@swiff ok jsyk but this means interacting with the DC hardcore scene

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