Wizzzard is very slow to update profile pictures, but only for some people. It's very strange.

I see every new bit Julles does as soon as it goes up, but Z has been the Doctor for like a month now

@swiff z hasn't changed because flowless deleted their avatar on monads

@swiff z's pfp was deleted and they've been just rolling with that. mastodon super heavily caches profile data unless it catches the update stuff that an instance is "supposed" to send but that's heckin unreliable

also it seems to more reliably catch pfp changes when the display name gets changed for some reason?

back when i was running masto for my own instance it annoyed me so much i added the command to make it poll every now and then for fresh profile data

btw, the command i added to my manglement scripts:

tootctl accounts refresh --all
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