I will never take Mastodon seriously and that's a promise

I come here to wizardpost, get the latest issue of the Ogdo, get involved in tabletop rpgs, tell my friends they are hot, and occasionally read someone's surprisingly well researched communist screed.

That's really it.

@swiff im gonna hold you to that swiff

im printing this out to throw at you when you take it seriously

@swiff when gets embroiled in an inter instance feud with you aas the driving force, i'll be there to say i told you so

@voorhees legit, if that ever happens, like an actual drawn out conflict, I will give the reigns and payment info to starwall and retire to Wizard Island

@voorhees @swiff a responsible shelter won't even let you adopt a wizard without at least one tower and orb

@voorhees yeah, of course, it's not Sorcerer island, there's at least the basic necessities, I shan't live like a common beast

@voorhees the closest I come to taking it seriously anymore is occasionally realizing that there's like 3 new eris alts and hurling suspensions from my admin parapets

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