Elon Musk’s buyers remorse on Twitter is the funniest fucking thing


[However, as stock prices have plunged in an overall market downturn, Musk has suffered from apparent buyer’s remorse and is saying that the deal is “on hold.”

One problem with that move is that it doesn’t exist.

“There is no procedural step in the closing of a company that is called ‘deal on hold,’ there is ‘no deal on hold’ built into the agreement,”]


@hoppet @ItsMorgan the terrible news i have is that even if he loses TWO billion dollars it will be less than 1% Of his net worth

@swiff @hoppet im hoping the embarrassment kills him. or like the idea of losing money

@swiff @ItsMorgan @hoppet what I can picture happening is that out of spite he decides to pull the plug on the whole damn thing. It requires severe irrationality but I have bad news for any of his fans who think he's supremely rational

@swiff love love love that this is blowing up in his face

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