path of exile is what i'd play if i had an urge to play Torchlight II again but I wanted to get bummed out looking at the screen the whole time

This is overly dismissive, good on anyone who could get into that game, I can tell it's a deep one. It's also just not remotely for me

Except, predictably, for some of the deep lore shit I read, which was capital-w 'Weird' in a way that I, noted Elder Scrolls Dipshit that I am, always get kinda into.


I like that for all the evil empires that had risen and fallen, all the executions and exiles and death that had occurred on the land,

In the most ancient records you can find, from the earliest known point on the timeline,

You have the same refrain of someone lamenting the inexplicable curse of undeath that plagues the land.

there's just ALWAYS been something fundamentally fucked up about this specific nasty island, and the dead have a hard time staying dead there.

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that's it, the entirety of what I liked about path of exile, summarized in less than 500 characters

@swiff plus one of the levels is inside weird chaos monster guts and it whips

@swiff i do like a nice crunchy ontologically unclean setting

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