If you download horny mods for skyrim vr youre just rolepaying an isekai protagonist, chosen one plot and all

This is not in and of itself a bad thing, but the KIND of horny mod you get determines the isekai calibur (celebrated LN series -> kinda overly porny VN -> Pisskink Housefucker web comic)

@swiff Skyrim VR's physics based combat mod is widely considered to also be a 'game changer' for sex mods.

@swiff Also, you're in luck, while the melee combat is considered a bit iffy (planck gets you to like, just shy of blade and sorcery but is kind of unstable and still not as good), Skyrim VR with a suite of spellcasting mods is apparently ~divine~

@galaxgal yeah i started a wabbajack install just before i left for the work shift im currently starting, and number one priority was wizard shit, im hype as fuck

@swiff tell me how it is because I'm very tempted but not sure if I want to invest $50 in a second action fantasy game even if the two are very different

@swiff whoooo lives in a big tiddy lady who pees
Pisskink Housefuck!

@robotcarsley oh neat, an incantation which, if recited aloud, would simply kill @kara outright

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