[[Chaos Warp]] is my single favorite Mtg card. It is honestly not even very good, but it is versatile and hilarious and has a 1-in-60ish chance of just letting your enemy deploy their win condition for free and losing immediately. It's perfect. I would change nothing about it at all.

@MTGCardLookup @swiff oh wow. I love cards (in any game) where it's like "I hate this one archetype so much I will happily risk instantly losing the game to other kinds of deck"

@swiff @diffractie @MTGCardLookup usually baffling removal like this is for singleton formats, and looking it up most of the printings were in commander specific sets

@a_rock @diffractie @MTGCardLookup i just know the one time i ever got to use it against @kara i managed to turn Sorin into a swamp and then promptly lost and its still my favorite game of mtg ive ever played

@swiff @diffractie @MTGCardLookup @kara we could get a commander playgroup going using cockatrice if you enjoy shenanigans

@a_rock @swiff @diffractie this type of removal is ideal for red commander decks because usually they don't have any way of dealing with indestructible creatures or creatures that prevent damage. it's not as important in constructed since those types of creatures can either be raced or aren't playable

@kara @a_rock @diffractie *turns yr forest into another forest with different art* nyehehehe take that

I'm extremely keen on [[Mirror March]] personally

Sometimes it just does nothing

And sometimes it can make for such absurd value you might literally lose to decking yourself out if you aren't carefull

Heck, you might even have a whole thing planned but then you just win 6 flips on one creature and win the game on the spot

@swiff Could you imagine the horror of resolving this card with [[Scute Swarm]]

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