If you want to sanitize the internet start with the nazis not the sex, jesus fucking christ.

I, of course, know all the reasons why that will not happen, but it does not make it less disgusting to see.

FOSTA-SESTA is such insidious legislation and has almost exclusively been weaponized against the very people it's pretending to protect.

Say what you will about Eugen, he deserves it, but this platform categorically cannot be affected by sweeping shifts in content policy in any meaningful capacity and that is something to be celebrated.

Dunno who to point the finger at here besides globally-pervasive christian morality insistent on making the entire world and everyone in it as joyless and regressive as itself, no matter the cost.

like, not to sound reddit-atheist here, but damn i'm sorry your religious dogma requires you to be sexless and avoidant of anything remotely fun in life, but keep that shit to yourself.

@swiff like most Twitter changes in the past few months I'm gonna blame elon

@swiff bold of you to assume that the Nazis are unwelcome

@robotcarsley I was including that in the mentioned "all the reasons why that will not happen"

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