youtube stop recommending the sexpest advance wars youtuber to me challenge

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@galaxgal Mangs, he quit youtube a few years ago amid sexual assault allegations, then came back within the same year because it's his only source of income.

@ohtorifightclub @galaxgal if you're interested, Mekkah did a video of it, and it's why Mangs is no longer remotely welcome in the Fire Emblem community. He moved onto advance wars in large part because people didn't know about him there

@ohtorifightclub @swiff doesn't surprise me, i had no idea and stopped watching his videos after he turned up the 4chan shitposting, aggressive ukraine stanning, and racist sinophobic 'jokes'

@ohtorifightclub @swiff It also explains why he's generally viewed controversially even by the Advance Wars community and widely regarded as a joke by a lot of AWBW people

@galaxgal @ohtorifightclub yeah, I stumbled across it entirely by accident while looking into something wholly unrelated: namely, I was trying to see if anyone was as annoyed as me at the way he exclusively pronounces it "AdvancED wars"

Turns out there isn't discussion about that because his content is categorically disallowed from the AW subreddit lmao

@swiff @ohtorifightclub it's somewhat reassuring to see mekkah trying to be on the right side of all this though, because he's one of those FE posters I always had some Questions about

@galaxgal @ohtorifightclub yeah as near as I can tell he's pretty much only guilty of being Extremely A Gamer and kind of obnoxious about it, but that's about it. I can tolerate that from a youtuber

@swiff @ohtorifightclub it helps that he has some genuinely insightful fire emblem analysis sometimes, although i'm not gonna watch every tier list video because bro please anything else

@galaxgal @ohtorifightclub Professor Bopper remains my favorite FEtuber and it is only partially because he shares my extreme bias for Sacred Stones

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