I've said it before, but, like

Biden's 10 grand student loan forgiveness is nowhere near far enough, much like Obama's ACA

The government is not going nearly far enough, much like the ACA

It is borderline insulting that this will be touted as a major victory, much like the ACA

And, also

My god is it going to be a gigantic fucking boon over what currently exists (or, wrt student debt forgiveness, what doesn't exist at all)

At the current rate of my repayment, this will get me out of personal debt roughly 15 years earlier than I could expect otherwise

If it applies to my parents' loans as well, it will get my family out of debt roughly 25 years earlier than expected


I'm not gonna celebrate until it's clear that the SCROTEUS isn't going to strike the executive order down as soon as they can, but tentatively...

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