"Dark Buddhism is an integration of Zen Buddhism and Ayn Rand's Objectivism"

Oh OK thanks Google, i HATE that


"I discovered Ayn Rand in college, initially reading The Fountainhead and then Atlas Shrugged. I felt, at the time, that she had saved my life. I was a child prodigy and, as with most child prodigies-"



" Finally when my life came completely crashing down around me, as tends to happen to the grown-up versions of child prodigies..."

This website is making my teeth itch

"Then, one day, I happened to be reading a popular science magazine and read about a series of studies that had shown that Zen Buddhist meditation increased cognitive ability, increased focus... lowered blood pressure, and promoted a whole host of other positive things... measured and verified in the laboratory. My inner scientist having been satisfied, I began meditating and immediately discovered its many benefits, even though I completely discarded any spiritual aspect of the practice"


Morgan D. Rosenburg is like twelve wretched guyotypes all rolled into one

This guy is a disco elysium joke character

This guy is a living strawman

I am no longer reading more. I almost full jokerfied from that

@swiff always a treat when i see someone discovering dark buddhism lmao

@swiff Hahah if you caught me in high school I might have said this exact thing, then I went to college and my roommates were like "this ayn rand shit is weird, bud" and I met a few more people not from my home town. Got that all cleared up pretty quick

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