This is my second favorite color.

A considerable portion of my wardrobe is made up of these two colors.

I'm lucky that the muted tones stop them from looking christmasy when used together.

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I think it's really hilarious how photogenic Lenin is in like 90% of pictures i've ever seen of the guy, but then there's this one specific trainwreck of a portrait and it never fails to crack me up.

I think it's mostly just bad lighting and composition, but still

It's still really funny to me that everyone else sees Z's avatar as empty, which it is, but on wizzzard I still see the fucking doctor

Finally, heading up my personal Spellcaster deck, we have the Stern Mystic.

My choice here isn't complicated if you know me: look at him. He's a Swiff.

Granted, a bit older than your standard issue Swiff, but that's fine.

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Next, leading the Metal Album Cover Deck: Dokurorider, the most lawyer-friendly Ghost Rider you'll ever meet.

This dude rocks. Enough said.

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The Decks are built.

A gameplay feature of DOTR is that you must choose a "Deck Leader" from among your monster cards. I tried to choose ones that exemplified the aesthetics of their respective decks.

First up, leading Jojo's Bizarre Card Game, I choose a monster who just straight up and down looks like a Stand. Everybody welcome "Battle Warrior."

Yes that's his name, early YuGiOh is wack lmao

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Also Bandit Keith has a Union Jack bandana instead of stars and stripes and It's the funniest thing I've ever seen

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For those who are big on their 17th century German esoterics, Kaiba today will be playing the role of one Christian S. Rosenkreuz.

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"Actually, Henry Tudor is my name. But I find it tiresome. You may call me 'Yugi'."


Swiff, Roofsitter Forme

(I had to come inside to take this bc its dark as fuck out here, but im back on the roof now honest)

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Spongebob body horror in a phone ad 

There's so Much here. There's TOO much here.

uncaptioned art of an oc 

I drew such expressive faces back then, I need to go back to that more

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Sometimes when i get really dumb or hilarious pop up ads i like to screencap them just so i can be sure they werent something i dreamed. Most are either nsfw or not funny enough to share, but this one is maybe the gem of my collection. It has somewhat sexual text, but ive blocked out the nsfw image in the middle, which was literally a pencil sketch of a naked lady, and not a very good one.

It’s sublimely bad. I love it.

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