Shirtless selfie from the back but it's not a flattering picture, by design, I'm showing off a gnarly sunburn. Remember to reapply throughout a day, people, I did not factor in a 7 hour workday for the amount I put on 


Last one for this evening:

The Harbinger of Spring from Flying Witch is, to date, the Most Swiff of any Swiff besides myself.

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Hey motherfuckers gonna throw you for a loop if you think you had a handle on the criteria: Piccolo is a Swiff

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A notable distinction to be drawn on the subject of elves:

Legolas? Emphatically not a swiff.

Elrond? Swiff adjacent!

Divayth Fyr? 100% a Swiff, one of the more Swiffy Swiffs out there

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Ill be honest, in the saga of Human Pet Guy, im almost equally terrified of the recurring secondary character in his escapades, twitter user @SAMOYEDCORE, or “Mr. Gorbachev Hit These Back Walls.” I dont know anything else about them, besides their delightful profile picture, but they just…

Keep engaging with Human Pet Guy, keep prodding the creature with a stick through the bars to make him dance.

It’s astounding, their fortitude, their limitless patience to get their desired reactions.

Selfie, ec, ft. Farm Dirt On Forehead 

Heyo heyo ya boy is covered in dirt and grime and dust and feeling pretty good today.

Gonna go shower immediately tho lmao



decking my nioh character out like a kabuki performer was absolutely the right decision, this shit legitimately rules

the goofy photoshops i do for the mechwarrior rpg campaign i'm in are completely incomprehensible outside of the context of that campaign, and i love them for that

So far I don't really have any neat farm stories to speak of but check out this huge zucchini

A somewhat recent innovation by Vochan sailors forced to walk abovedeck is that of a safety harness attached to a strange backpack made of curving wood strips overlain with a covering of carefully stitched shark skin.

though Vochans can breathe underwater, their inborn lack of buoyancy means that a sailor who falls overboard over a deep part of the ocean falls to their death leagues below in freefall.

A compromise: A close-in on the current A-team, the highest level heroes i've got right now

From left to right:

@hoppet , vestal, the team's reliable healer, and emotional anchor-- she's never been compromised yet.

@byttyrs , graverobber, the only one of the team with the ability to easily move around in a fight and an absolute crit machine

@horsefucker_thicc , abomination. does goat murder very, very well.

and @cuttlefish , crusader, ever stalwart, prone to outbursts of instakill damage

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