Screened Shotte Dunking (Immoral, Tankie of me) 

In case anyone was starting to get worried that we were clowning too hard on the "FIGHTING TO STAY CIS" guy, I took a gander outta morbid fascination and was immediately hit by this little number

Gosh why do I feel so lethargic today

It is a mystery

Utterly unsolvable by any means

pov: you have just replied to me beseeching that I consider more centrist points of view

current age Christopher Walken playing a Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer would be

😗 👌


It's a role he was born to play

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes boarding-party power armor is

Chef Kiss

Primo A+

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Dog update time, there will be more pictures to come, I just have a few right now.

Timeline: Meet Jazz, the newest member of this household

Hes coming along! I erased whatihad for the foreground hand, im redesigning it entirely from my first attempt but still, progress

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this game even has a space wizard class, but im only moderately hyped for it. it looks cool, really fun,


im here to play as The Large Boy



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I know everyone loves Hector but of all the GBA fire emblem lords, I'm an Ephraim stan

Wait, I also approve of this sort of pattern/color palette. Particularly on spandex or headbands/bandanas. That's also good.

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