a very silly fictional firearm 

look at this dumb piece of shit

darktide just gave me 1.5 machineguns and told me to kill with it

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CG Eye Contact 

This is my actual boy in Darktide rn, his name is Sullag and he Fights Good

MFW the Taco Baco starts acting up and brewing a Tiberium War in my guts

Garuda the Hornworm Update, closeup of a caterpillar 

Lil grippers

Close up photos of a Bug (a caterpillar, so not a very scary one, but a large one tho) 

Today, in the garden, we were tearing out old tomato plants to make room for new stuff for the cold weather growing season, and we found a big ol' Tobacco Hornworm!

I've taken it home, and set it up with a makeshift terrarium made from an old fishtank. It's got some tomato greenery in there, plenty of oxygen via holes in the plastic wrap on top, and has been happily munching on leaves since I brought it home

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Im begging, please, this sucks to look at and it has been like this for weeks

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This post is really generating a lot of controversial discourse and debate among the Davey community

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Swiffs love to sit like this

(This individual isn't a Swiff, this is for illustrative purposes)

also i modded his animations (clientside, no one else but me can see these) to make it so some percentage of his attacks were just straight up magic spells despite being a warrior, so as to fit his Needlessly Complex Headcanon

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Honestly, for me personally, even once the guilty parties are all retired the Astros don't get to have a redemption arc until the instant they once again don the best uniforms any pro baseball team has ever worn

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