@swiff @starwall yeah? well i think dwarves should look like cousin it from the addams. what do u think about that

Clean shaven or stubble dwarfs too, though to a lesser degree

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Now and forever I am the Fedi's foremost proponent of bearded elves

@umalkosh @bees @HoneyMoon this is slander the only illusory part of Zan's appearance is that he uses illusion magic to make the elastic hair ties in his beard braids look like the gold beads and clasps he used to get at the Fantasy Jewler's Shoppe

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @Bugaboo lol when a 39 year old has to invent a 14 year old to best with facts and logic, gotta laugh

@bees @umalkosh @HoneyMoon Groggy half asleep wizard prestidigitates all his clothes onto himself while the horn section goes hogwild

@umalkosh @swiff @HoneyMoon DM lore correction: this plays on the house speaker connected to Dolores's iPad that Zandolomir has access to when he gets dressed in the morning

@swiff @HoneyMoon @bees this plays in his head when he gets dressed in the morning

You, a Reigning Monarch: "Ok explain this curse business to me."

Me, your magical advisor: "It works like this."

You: "Ah, ok thank yo-"

Me: "Here let me demonstrate, it works on entire villages at a time."

You: "Do not do this"

Me: "I am Already doing this"

You: "nnoOOOOO"

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people go to museums to appreciate history but when i raise genghis khan from the dead people tell me that's "bad" and "a perversion of life" smh

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