@kalka see we're one point on a paranormal triangular area, similar to the bermuda, bridgewater, etc

so where is Nitecrew geographically situated with regards to wizzzard tower and monads mansion?

@swiff meesa so sorry for slime on yousa newt powder mister wizard jedi

The Wizzzard.tower and the Monads mansion share the same basement-- like, our two different buildings and their two different basement hatches somehow both open to the same entry to the same staircase down. Space time anomaly, you know how it goes

This is normally fine, there is ample storage space for us to share, but it does make the unexpected spontaneous Orgy Day a little bit of a potential landmine if i need to grab a new crate of hats or some fresh Homunculus Meat and forget to knock.

so that mario movie trailer was fine, the humor was uhh, not quite there. i think my biggest question, why is mario important?? they didn't give any reason

@flowless just replace the cannon with a magic staff and you've just summarized my entire account and instance bit

im like an old lighthouse keeper except theres a giant howitzer on top of the tower and i blow away any rancid ships that approach the coast of the instance

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Wizzzard Tower

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