i think this is what i would look like as a cat owner

if God isn't gay why does he keep filling me with piss

you can espouse a belief. you can also be married to a belief. but it is always possible to annul these marriages, as it is not possible to fuck a belief

@byttyrs yeah but you can pay a belief "lip service" and i'm pretty sure that counts legally in some states

A while ago @galaxgal opened a group voice call with "Good evening, Delicious Gamers" and it hasn't left my brain since

i must not feaw
feaw is the mind-kiwwer
feaw is the wittle-death that bwings totaw obwitewation

@georgespolitzer @ChaosSkeleton Ra’s Al Ghul, soaking in the Lazarus Pit with his waterproofed laptop after a ferocious batman beatdown, angrily googling “what animals eat bats”

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