chasing this dream leads me to play donkey kong in smash a lot

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I want a fighting game to just let me play as a completely normal, no-frills gorilla.

No real combos or technique or stylization. the other fighters are by and large human martial artists of varying stripe, but let me play just a straight up and down gorilla, balance be damned.

take the conceit of Ape Out and apply it to tekken and just let me absolutely clobber the shit outta some dipshit in a gi


@FirstProgenitor (This sucks, actually, is the thing)


Just saw the phrase “I like naturally occurring vaginas” as if they’re plants


@FirstProgenitor "If you don't have time to pre-locate a naturally occurring vagina, storebought is fine"

@dragon thank you all for staying with us through the development journey. Now, we are proud to present: Male 1.0, feature-complete for the first time

Alpha male

He's still in the early stages of development

Maybe wait for the public beta

@pinkosock Mine too! I cant give myself any credit for being healthier to my guts, they just behave themselves because they know better than to beseech me for aid

when i was 19 i would shit like twice a week at most. i haven't noticeably changed my diet and I'm up to 1-2 times a day. i think my guts just grew up and stopped being punks

slime rancher but you make slimes into ranch dressing send toot

Dragonball Z characters doing their taxes:

This isn't even my final form!

@breakfastgolem @clarjon1 “Almighty Shenron, please cut thru the bureaucratic red tape of my taxes!”


@kara i got bundled up, turned on the chillstream, and let the dulcet tones of a Sexually Charged Rabbit fight take me off to sleep

If not backing anathema results in perishing, it stands to reason that backing anathema is, at the bare minimum, a component of achieving immortality. The research is still being peer reviewed but current studies look promising.

Anyway back Anathema it looks neat as hell

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