"The average tankie will support [opinion i've never heard of in my life]"

I always see final fantasy players talking about macros but I just don't get it, like, why are y'all so microphobic??

i wanted to learn a purely functional programming language, but it seems like a big haskell

Like, I'm getting paid for the extra time, I've basically got an extra shift in my hours now that I didn't physically need to leave the house for

But still, damn, it's stressful managing the volunteer calendar for the whole dang organization.

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Lordy I find fielding volunteer emails to be easily the most stressful part of my job now, and it's not even close.

I honestly already really miss this job not having homework.

@swiff at long last, hentai that doesn't shy away from making me c

understanding how other people feel IS abnormal and IS a burden and i WILL be forming a pseudoscientific feminine identity around this

@galaxgal At long last, horror media that doesn't shy away from Wanting To Be Scary!

@galaxgal FINALLY a first person shooting game that has guns in it!

@galaxgal what a fucking dork, imagine honestly thinking that fantasy racism as a story element is in any regard not catered to and overrepresented in literally any and all fantasy media forms

Swiff is one of the most underrated posters on here

Endurance hunting, as the noble sandwich can outpace any human on the dead sprint. It must be a battle of degrees, of my will versus that of the sandwich

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Hunting great roving herds of sandwiches armed with nought but a spear and my wits, as did my ancestors

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