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@swiff I just want you to know that I :simpclown: you and hope you a good time

everyone ignoring dank's legal and professional name being on the kickstarter and calling them dank instead is just like in the spider-man movie when he got unmasked and everyone in new york turned around

@ItsMorgan @swiff You ever notice how when the wind picks up and is dramatic, their hair NEVER gets in their face??

@swiff @ItsMorgan Disney movies gave me unrealistic expectations about tying my hair back with ribbon

i guess the real was the friendship we made along the way

my current hair tie has a ribbon on it so i guess im a touhou now

Koopa is a stance-based charge character, with extremely dangerous defensive 50/50 mixup options and lethal whiff punishes, but limited offensive poke options and only one gap closer that's not safe on block.

Beebo is a rushdown combo monster, with several really gnarly moves that can be boosted with super armor for meter. he's got a really fucked up leap-forward-into-command-grab move that hits both mid and low guard, it's scary. no goddamn range at all tho so zoners open him way up.

Meditate upon koopa, his wisdom, and his ignorance, his complexity and his simplicity. The duality of his form, at once soft and aquatic and hard and terrestrial.

The fourfold path of the Turtle Sage awaits you, you need only see it to walk it.

koopa's pretty alright (koopa please put down the gun i've done what you've asked)

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