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This isn't about any one person it is about multiple people for multiple years now

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I have said it before:

Why on earth ANYONE would seek internet fame now, knowing what we know, seeing what we've seen, in this era of quasi-relationships online

It is baffling to me. It seems like such a dogshit career, with a ton of work, little reward, and such a massive potential for you to completely eat shit and ruin everything by having your messy flawed human deficiencies magnified by fame, usually by your own doing.

Like, fuck

The spotlight seems like hell even when things are good

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Today, I am:

Exhausted About Celebrities In The Parasocial Internet Age

games i know of that portray economic horror effectively: the pathologic games and Disco Elysium. I'm sure there are more, but I'm also sure not many

do y'all also sometimes just think back to your horse girl days and remember the horsey knowledge you have somehow accumulated and reflect on how just

horses, as far as critters go, will just self-destruct at the absolute drop of a hat

Floors 4 through 17 of the Wizzzard.tower are hereby OFF LIMITS to tours following repeated instances of vandalism. You know who you are and you know what you did

me accessing my mind palace's vault whenever @galaxgal asks me an elder scrolls lore question

Dumb joke, probably been done before, genitals 

All my genders are Macrogenders because of my Huge and Very Cool Hog

Took a bit of doin, but FINALLY HR7 in monhun. feels good

@swiff controled situations that won't make dogs and other animals really stressed out

It's my dad's birthday today. My dad and I don't share a massive ton of interests and we sometimes butt heads by dint of just having different communication styles a lot of the time, but


I love him a whole lot.

He has, for as long as I can remember, been an effortless example of a nontoxically masculine presence in my life. He's unashamedly goofy, broadly competent and versatile, and one of the most earnest men I know.

I didn't always appreciate all that as a kid. Im glad I do now.

All my secularism and resistance to authority on principle would, immediately, fall to pieces with any sufficient display of supernatural power. Its gotta be unambiguous, no reading text from a room away, but you levitate a parking lot of cars, or melt some heads with your brain, and im all in, youve got a cult devotee

@swiff fucked up that the only way we'll be able to hang out at any point in the future is by projecting ourselves into the astral plane

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