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If a human + a vampire = a dhampir with no bones, that implies that vampires actually have anti-bones

When will the vampires on this site be ready to hear my truth?

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@FirstProgenitor I will let you rest fir now but next time I will need your opinions on anti-bones

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i predict that this character is going to be the official monads lesbians character

@bees hot, funny, sweet, knowledgeable, engaging, a hell of a storyteller, cool interests and hobbies, generous, nice voice, well-dressed, good gender, an awe-inspiring gift for horrible posts,

there are so many praiseworthy things about me

i heard some weird dick stories in my day. like the guy who pierced his own dick while in juvenile hall

Ngl, Mika’s FFXIV posts, the meticulous attention paid to glamours, the obvious fondness for certain character dynamics, the frequent personal spin on story eventsβ€” thats the stuff the actually tempts me to resub.

Idk, @FirstProgenitor i think you and i just enjoy mostly the exact same things about that game and i can enjoy your posts about it vicariously very easily

@swiff @bees @Aleums collecting toys you can't play with just makes you a funko popper

@swiff nods and makes a noise of acknowledgement as i roll out a several foot long piece of parchment labeled "evidence i am not human" and scribbles something

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