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Scientists have determined that this is the last image the human brain sees before death; could this be the face of God himself? 


Samurai Gunn 2 is my favorite fighting game. There was strong competition for that title and it took the throne in a couple days. Easy.


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The raw power behind sending two Golem slow super-bullets out, then shooting a third regular one through both of them to kill your opponent

second online game ever and i match against dank lmfao

hijacking a gundam only to politely give it back to the owners at the first opportunity and never pilot again, deftly avoiding any twists of fate that might try and force me to get back into the pilot's seat

*like the "wii would like to play" ad*

xe would like to play

i never made a thread for the final stretch of victory gundam i watched
a. because it was so so so bad
b. that was when a boundary of mine was breached then i was considered the asshole for not being okay with that

i'll think about doing one but i don't think anyone necessarily wants to know about how much worse it got. imo the nadir was in the batch before that during one of the sequences i would get my ass banned for talking about

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