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@starwall I sent you a discord message about it but yeah, id be down to play multiplayer stellaris sometime, if you'll understand that i am baby, my heaviest playtime of stellaris was back when the plantoids and the leviathan pack were the only DLCs. I will be outta my depth.

broke: western antarctic colonial settlement
woke: international antarctic researcher's union

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Yo @goat I'm taking advantage of the sale and i saw earlier that you have a personal rec-list for which Stellaris DLCs are worthwhile and which mostly aren't, lay it on me, because no way in hell am I paying paradox $115 for the stuff i don't currently own

Since April, Antarctica has had an incredibly cool flag. It's called the True South flag and its meant to create a greater sense of community among the researchers and workers who call the continent home for parts of the year. It is in wide use across the continent!

its not that all tv is bad now, its that you have depression

one time i talked to my cousin (she's a woman) and she was like "aren't you tired of cooking for yourself and cleaning up after yourself? don't you think its time for you to get a wife?" and like damn lmao, just abandoning all pretexts that relationships are anything but finding a way to exploit women's reproductive labor lol

Tuff girls bot really knocking it outta the park tonight :blobsweats:


Im limiting myself to getting high late in the evening, for now, and it's lowering my tolerance levels which is good for my wallet and bad for my ability to progress in long videogames.

Anyway hi everyone I'm Vibing now

please provide genuine samples of hair and fingernails for maximum compatibility ratings

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making dolls of my friends so they can haunt them to visit me

I'd offer truly top quality service. Bespoke, artisanal hauntings for the modern citizen.

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@swiff @starwall Merriam-Webster is just doing what dictionaries are supposed to do: cataloguing how we speak English

It's not THEIR fault nobody understands what dictionaries are actually for =P

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