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never shoulda smoked that dankwraith shit, now I've got two cracked red eyes

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@swiff look, statistically, most of them actually get their powers from a horrific arcane accident. the idea that they're all inheritance is anti-sorcerer propaganda. it's sadly extremely prevalent in relevant media

it's always wizards this, witches that. what about sorcerers?

what if I signed up for to shittalk wizards

The HORUS kobold is a terraforming a kobold and i spent all day writing Terraform? coincidence?!

gonna be running out the door with toast in my mouth, late to work

anime real

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I'm glad that baseball talk on the TL is very relaxed and only jokingly competetive, cuz I could get real mean real fast if i ever felt like i actually had to defend myself from a legit superfan

Pilots dating their mechs isn't even subtext in titanfall 2's campaign, it's just straight up text, so i have precedent

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one of my first real posts when i joined mastodon ages and ages ago was how I wanted to date Northstar from Titanfall.

It's been years now, a lot has changed, but not that

character art (not drawn by me) and audio of the first post's dialogue 


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character art (not drawn by me) and audio of the first post's dialogue 

Please picture a single red LED in one of the eye sockets blinking in sync with each word as you listen, thank you

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