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Fandom is a bad website/company and their absorbtion of smaller wiki projects into their conglomerated ad-ridden mass is an objective net loss.

@swiff should make a mech game that has a feature like the one in demon x machina where you can get out of your mech so you can go into places your mech cant but make it actually good

I am, once again, feeling that driving urge for an open-world mecha game that does not exist.

Believe me, I have looked

god, if the UESP wiki ever gets absorbed and deprecated by Fandom, that'll be an honest to god tragedy

May have been confirmation bias after a certain point of my getting fed up by it, but still, i nearly got hit a bunch

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the worst place for pedestrians i've ever lived in was Santa Fe New Mexico and it's not even because that city's particularly designed for cars and not people, it's just that it had a lot of really absurdly aggressive drivers.

Like, i've heard the sloowwww rollthrough at a stopsign get called the "California Stop," and while we do deserve the moniker those Santa Fe drivers barely even slowed down, crosswalks were treated as suggestions by a surprisingly large minority of drivers there

being a pedestrian in Portland is probably the most dangerous shit ever. the shit i have heard about the drivers there

@swiff the order would be brumpo > jethro & prince phillip (fought together, as they're twins) > tony hawk's pro skater 2. son #5 is just kind of there

Y'know despite my whole Mr. Stormbeard jokey aesthetic I like to riff on, I honestly prefer a more subdued form of spellcasting.

Sure, a bit of prestidigitation goes a long way-- lighting candles with a fingersnap and casually repelling raindrops in the middle of a downpour never get old. But lots of tasks and chores really don't require it.

But when it's time to Move Mountains, time to Shake Up The World and observe where all the pieces settle?

That's when the real magic happens.

going to java myself some script, y'all want anything

my first large adult son, JETHRO, i have trained in qìgōng and 'centipede style' kung fu

my second large adult son, PRINCE PHILLIP (formerly GOFF), has studied the blade

my third large adult son, TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 2, has a gun, an anti-tank rifle, and a tactical ballistic missile

my fourth large adult son, BRUMPO, is schooled in ritual magic, and knows the secret name of god

my fifth large adult son, SON #5, has no special skills, but i have been secretly dosing his food with adrenochrome since he was 3, giving him formidable, but unpredictable, psychic powers

@swiff Gandalf knew that the hat was the most important thing, get the hat right and the source of your magic won't be questioned

(btw I really like astrologer gear in ff14 and I wish there was a way to get "WIZZARD" bedazzled on one of their extremely dope hats)

@swiff And radogast is honestly more of a druid, the old schools were messed up

Y'know the funny thing is in the metaphysical and narrative sense, Gandalf is really more of a Warlock or Cleric than he is a wizard, but he wore it so well we let him use the word


God damn Cristobal Tapia de Veer is such a good composer

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