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Horrific scenes as Israeli police beat pallbearers at Shireen Abu Akle’s funeral in Jerusalem causing the coffin of the slain legendary journalist to fall.

Reminder that she was murdered by the Israeli occupation forces.

Midwestern cuisine. is Marcos Midwestern? it feels like it. 

@shoofle lol it looks like this, I guess it's pizza casserole

@swiff @cuttlefish there's 3 more just like it in a line just past the reflecting pools. Presumably there are 4 to represent the 4 elements of bureaucracy: Earth (paperwork), Air (phone banks), Fire (red tape) and Water (printer ink)

Tried Dying Light yesterday

That game's pretty slick, I get why there was so much hype about it.

In-vest, di-vest, now it's time for trans vest (selfie, ec)

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Now that it's warm out, it's time to remind the world about my large juicy milked up thighs and calves (selfie)

Can't a cat boy just wanna be held bridal style without being accused of homosexuality

I should rewatch Phantom of the Paradise, i was not really able to appreciate what that movie was doing when I first watched it, i bet its better than i remember

i think the best part about riichi mahjong is how tasty the tiles look

For those keeping track of this account bit, that's 15 wizard levels, 3 in an int-based Druid archetype, and 1 in Warlock

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I Was Involuntarily Multiclassed Into Warlock by my Editor and All I Have To Show for It Is This Lousy Zine Credit

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