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Except, predictably, for some of the deep lore shit I read, which was capital-w 'Weird' in a way that I, noted Elder Scrolls Dipshit that I am, always get kinda into.

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This is overly dismissive, good on anyone who could get into that game, I can tell it's a deep one. It's also just not remotely for me

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path of exile is what i'd play if i had an urge to play Torchlight II again but I wanted to get bummed out looking at the screen the whole time

selfies, ec 

I got these two articles of clothing at the thrift store and I'm a little bit the joker for women?

well! this account may be being permanently retired in about a month, but! in the mean time!

have, ah, this ... thing,,,,

Tracking down a song I previously had only heard the chorus to, and realizing the chorus is literally the only part of the song I actually enjoy, it sounds like a completely different genre than the rest of the track

The following post is in ESPERANTO. Do not open unless your IQ exceeds 140 

Me Scrootum Itches...

I heard a song which I LOVED the chorus of, and then tracked down the rest of the song and I apparently, uh

Only like the chorus, the rest of it does nothing for me lol

suspend... suspend domain.... close report

I think about the castlevania dub of the "YOU HAVE UNO" thing a lot

Specifically, I think about the phrase "you fUCKing FLEAMAN" as an insult a lot

That said, C probably looks better in a ballroom gown than I would, but still

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Yaknow how authors constantly discover things about their characters, either while writing or retroactively, that they themselves weren't consciously aware of while writing?

Anyway just realized I made a Masc-of-center Gender fluid Enby Icon in Blades in the Dark MONTHS before I tried on my own set of pronouns

Mutual Aid Request, Urgent 

Please, please help Bean if you can <3

Scandinavians get to talk about how accepting and unbigoted they are once they've actually seen more than two people with melanin in their entire life

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@swiff "We got nothing to worry about, that stuff happens over there"
*says the frenchman in between his daily expolsion of slurs*

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