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@swiff @goat Quilladen is the kid in school who thought that yelling in class JUST to interrupt the teacher was funny

being after a water type pokemon in the blunt rotation is like *receives soggy extinguished joint*

My vr set arrived and ive been fucking around and setting up for the last couple of hours

It is

VERY cool


I think i need to work my way up with lower intensity games first

I couldnt even make it past the movement tutorial for B&S without some gnarly motion sickness. Im not worried, ive heard it gets better with experience, but gotta take lots of breaks while im learning

So, i grabbed a persona model of Orpheus from persona 3, cuz i always loved its design, but wanted to hop around and gather some alternative options too.

In one avatar world, a group of players spotted me darting in and out of view while i was checking the options and, presumably unfamiliar with persona, were all like “woh- what the FUCK is that”

So, i wordlessly poked halfway around a corner, just staring, while they freaked.

Then i made the avatar do a fortnite default dance and alt+f4’d

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Oh right, so, in prep for the headset arriving, i popped on into vr chat to nab some avatars, found some fun ones, and managed to spook some randos in a really fun way

hate to be that guy, proceeds to be that guy

I mean I had to do some math 😭 do I look like I can do math to you I'm GAY

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ok for the moment all caught up with work emails

May have more by evening but we'll deal with them as they come in

time 2 clean

oh "boo hoo, viri keeps opening the hellgate and flooding our apartment with demons and the smell of brimstone"
grow up, i pay rent here too

So, like

Hilarity aside

Alex Jones's lawyers absolutely deliberately sabotaged their own case with this "accidental" text message leak so they could claim mistrial by incompetence and not *technically* lose the case right?

Very politely wording a response email to my boss who just reprimanded me over something I literally cannot control and do not have access to the information she is expecting me to act on.

Non-accusatorily taking multiple screenshots of the information I have available to me, and asking her where I should be looking instead to find the stuff she clearly already expected me to know somehow.

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