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learned today mika is a monarchist. dont know how to process this information

my conscience: you have a lot of work that you need to do this week, and if you finish it early you'll feel goo dabout yourself
my hyperfocusing ass: haha i unlocked the katana for the samurai girl

can't even respond to this one cause i made the block as soon as i heard a weirdo dropping weird replies was running around

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This “cracken” dude sucks. No effort, no value, no independent thought. Easiest suspend of my life.

I named my d&d character after my ffxiv character and neither you nor god can stop me

Rico is simply correct about most things, this is known

Between the characters of @FirstProgenitor , @Aleums , and myself, this d&d party is going to be 60% undead, a full 3 out of 5 members

@magicalmilly @swiff I GOT JUKED TOO BECAUSE THERE WAS A CHOCOLATE WRAPPER SO I WAS LIKE "oh ok there's just another chocolate wrapper" but NO

P.S.A. there are better places to dispose of your condom wrapper than in last night's pasta pot while it soaks in the sink

im the most humanlike person in my d&d group and im PISSED about it

@FirstProgenitor But I want to correct the record, I did not state that vampires "do not have bones." I stated that vampires have one big bone in the center of their body and the rest is a kind of cartilaginous jello

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